Monday, July 21, 2008

4 Month Wellness Checkup... and shots...

Cade had his 4 month checkup today... and yes, that includes shots. It was horrible when he had his 2 month shots, but this set was even worse! Maybe because he knew what was coming... Maybe it was because they did one shot in each leg (at the same time) and then had to give a THIRD shot in the left leg... Or maybe because he has perfected the most pitiful puppy dog face that I have ever seen on a 4 month old. He was crying so hard, by the time we got him settled down & in his car seat, his little bottom lip was quivering. My heart broke.

Except for the crying... and the fact that we were there, basically waiting for 3 hours... things went pretty good. Cade is 15 pounds and 6 ounces. That puts him in the 50th to 75th percentile for weight. He is 25.5 inches long, which puts him in the 75th percentile. Quite a leap from his 1 month checkup, when he was in the 10-15th percentile for height and weight!

Doc was very happy with my decision to start him on solids at 3 months. She said that I read his cues perfectly! I was proud... and relieved that she didn't scold me.

We still have to get two things checked out. One, the doc discovered that Cade has a Sacral Dimple today. She has ordered an ultrasound but is certain that it is nothing serious. (they rarely are) But better to be safe! We also have an appointment with the children's hospital cardiologist in August. He will listen to Cade's heart and determine whether he needs a 2nd EKG for his heart murmur. Once again, the doc seems to think it is the type that will correct itself (which is also what the 1st EKG concluded)... but like I said, better to be safe, and they want to see if it has indeed corrected itself by then.

I am just glad that today is over. Cade doesn't follow the norm when it comes to shots. Most babies will sleep the days away after their shots. Sleep lots and eat little? Not Cade! He's the opposite! Sleep little and eat lots! I hate seeing my baby in pain... we've done a lot of crying today (and I do mean "we")... and we've done a lot of rocking and cuddling. I just want to make my baby's pain go away.

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Marie said...

Poor little man!! I'm glad to see that he's growing well but no one likes to watch the little ones get poked and prodded. Good luck with the doc appointment in August. I'm sure it will work itself out in no time!