Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sleep deprived mommy...

I feel like I'm going backwards with Cade & his sleep habits. I almost had him into a routine... go to bed around 9:30... get up around 3-4... and get up again around 7:30. He did that for WEEKS. This week has been another story. Last night, I started our nighttime ritual at around 8:30... bathtime, a little playtime, put on his jammies, and give him his "nighttime" bottle, which is essentially a bottle with cereal. Normally he would go to sleep right after his bottle, at around 9:30... not last night! He fell to sleep for about 10 minutes in his crib... long enough for me to shower (thank goodness)... then for some reason, woke up... wide awake! I could tell right off that he was in no mood for sleep! So he stayed up past his bedtime, and mine... finally fell to sleep at about 11:30. I had no clue what time he would get up for another feeding. Thankfully he slept until 5:30 - an early day for me.

I have read that babies who nap well during the day and stay rested are better able to sleep at night. Maybe he was just overtired last night. He fought it for an hour... his little eyes would roll back in his head, then they would POP wide open! He tried so hard to stay up with mommy & daddy!

I just hope that he's sleeping through the night sometime in the near future. I really would like to sleep through the night myself! I feel like a zombie!

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