Sunday, August 10, 2008

5 Months...

I can hardly believe that Cade is 5 months old. Almost half a year! He changes every day, learns new things, new sounds, makes new faces... he's communicating better every day, letting us know when he's unhappy, when he thinks something is funny, showing his personality, becoming a little boy! We are so in love with this little dude... he is our world & we can't imagine him not being in it.

Cade just waking up this morning... a 5 month old!!!


Milestones to look for this month:
~ Rolling over... he's been practicing... I have a feeling it won't be much longer.
~ Imitates sounds... I swear he can say "mom"... he may not know what he's saying but it gets me to running!!!
~ Recognizes his own name... Hopefully he won't think his name is "good boy" or "mommy's good boy" :)
~ Sits momentarily without support... We're not even close to this... yet... he's just getting to where he can sit WITH support!
~ Separation anxiety may begin... we are DEFINITELY seeing this in Cade! Keep mommy close!

I can't wait to see what this month will bring!!! Happy 5 months baby boy! :)

and p.s... there are lots of new pics from this weekend in his Photobucket! And I may add some more later...

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Anonymous said...

5 months old and such a grown up attitude.... he's a joy!

Happy Birthday!