Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Milestone, Signing & Sunning...

First of all, Cade finally rolled over!!! He rolled from back to tummy on Sunday afternoon. It took a lot of effort, but he did it, all on his own. He was halfway there & we set his stuffed pony just out of reach... well, he got it!

I know I mentioned signing in a previous post. I should probably explain. We do plan on signing with Cade and have already started signing TO him. Of course he won't be able to make signs himself until he has better control over his hands -- most babies can make signs by 12 months, and some as early as 9 months. He already recognizes the sign for "milk" and we are working on signs for "eat" and "more". In the beginning, we will sign for NEEDS and if he catches on easy enough, we will add others.

Hearing parents signing to hearing babies is proven to be beneficial in so many ways, I have to at least attempt to sign with Cade. Studies have shown that babies & toddlers that sign have less tantrums, talk earlier & have a larger vocabulary than non-signing babies. It also improves their reading skills. One of the most frustrating things between parents & baby is the communication gap. Sure we claim that we know what baby wants just by their cry... but always? How great would it be for Cade to be able to tell me that he's hungry or that his belly is aching? It's worth a try.

And signing to hearing babies is different than signing to non-hearing babies. You don't have to sign the whole sentence... just the key words... for instance, I ask Cade, "Are you ready for your milk?" as I am making the sign for milk.

And before you ask, NO, signing DOES NOT delay speech. If you were to sign only, and never speak to a child, then yes, it may. Signing will only aide in the communication between parent & child until the child can speak.

Now, for some fun stuff. I have this in my photobucket, but this is my new favorite picture! I'm not sure why... I just LOVE it though. Cade catching some rays after he took a swim.

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That's it for now. Check out the photobucket for some pics of Cade, outside & swimming in his yellow duckie. I've taken a bunch of video this week too so I'll try to get some of that up on the blog before the end of the week.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday! :)

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