Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Grandparent's Day

Cade says that he's sorry that he didn't do anything special for Grandparent's Day today. He hopes that you understand that he's been sick this weekend and it slipped his mind. Instead, he wanted to put up a "tribute" to his grandparents on his blog... he hopes that this will make up for it. :)

Love you Grandmomma & Papaw!
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Love you Nana & Poppy!
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Bonnie said...

Aww these are too cute! Hope Cade is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cade, Nana and Poppy thank you for the Grandparent's Day Wishes. We love you and hope you are feeling better. We sure hope we get to see you this coming weekend. Love Nana and Poppy