Tuesday, November 25, 2008

*cough* An Update! *cough*

I know, I know, it's been FOR EVER since I've updated the blog. Truth is, we've just been sick. Cade woke up last Wednesday with a cold, stuffy runny nose and I caught it. Now we're both sneezing & coughing, though I think we're both getting better. He seems a little better every day. He had been having trouble drinking any milk what so ever... we tried everything... out of a bottle, out of a cup, sippy cup, water bottle... he was just too congested to drink. So this morning he finally took a 6 ounce bottle, all at one time, without having to come up for air... so YAY Cade! I'm just hoping & praying that he doesn't get bad enough to have to go to the doctor. Please, no ear infections!!! The last time he was on antibiotics, it really messed with his little system.

Other than being sick, we're just looking forward to Thanksgiving... and Christmas! I've started putting up Christmas decorations... all except my tree... my stand has gone missing. But hopefully it's just conveniently misplaced at mom & dad's.

Time to go... Cade is hollering mom, mom, mom! (I love it!)

I'll post some new pics when I get a chance ;)

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