Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cade is Crawling...

Well our baby boy is officially mobile. I was really excited to see this day come... but after half a day of chasing after him, moving him, moving things out of his hands and out of his path, I am exhausted. Where did my tiny baby go? The one that just laid there and started into my eyes, just begging me to pick him up & cuddle him. I'll tell you where he is not... he is not in any ONE place for a very long amount of time!

And it happened so fast! He got up at 6 a.m., and by 7:30 he was down for a nap... a 3 HOUR NAP! He woke up, ate lunch, played a little while... and he started acting sleepy again. I was surprised after such a long morning nap, but I tried to rock him anyway. He fought & obviously wasn't sleepy enough to sleep, so I sat him back down in the floor amongst his toys... and he just took off! Just like that! Just like he'd been doing it for weeks. And the best part of all... what did he go after first thing?!?! BRODIE! Our poor cat, he is already the most skiddish cat on the planet. And evidently the dumbest too, because instead of taking the high ground & jumping up on a chair or something, he'd just move a few feet... Cade would crawl to him, he'd move a few more feet.

I got some video today but I'll try to get some better in the morning & post. He'll be all fresh & full of energy in the morning, so that should be good.

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Colleen said...

Cade is such a handsome little boy! I could just eat him up. I hear ya on the exhausting part of your baby going mobile. I'm tired just thinking about it! Those videos were too cute.