Friday, May 1, 2009

Cade's 1st Haircut...

I gave Cade his first haircut today... and yes, *I* cut it. I'm happy to say, it wasn't a complete disaster! It actually looks pretty good. (but you can be the judge) I just wanted to trim it a little... get it out of his eyes and off his ears. It was hard cutting those curls in the back, but he still has some. I'm sure that once we can get him to sit still enough for Waldo (the barber) it will be a shorter cut, but until then... mommy's trims are good enough.

It pretty much took all day, clipping a little here and there. And then I had to take him outside & put him in the swing before he'd let me do the top & front. He is a wiggly little guy! LOL

In case you need a comparison shot, the before...

And after...
1st haircut



I can't believe how much older it made him look... I feel like I've lost my baby... he is DEFINITELY a toddler now!

And by the way, I am not a professional, LOL, but I did learn how to cut a little boys hair from YouTube! There are instructional videos for EVERYTHING on there!

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Anonymous said...

Good job for a first time cut!
You remember your beauty shop doll head that Dianna gave you! That may have been practice too! Love you! Momma