Monday, May 4, 2009

Isn't "clingyness" a word???

It seems like all I do is post pics of Cade. And I know that everyone LOVES seeing pics ;) but there's nothing like the real thing!

So some "new" things... he has a glow-worm... I'm not sure why, but he thinks that mommy needs to hold that glow-worm ALL THE TIME! It started out as a game, me trying to get him to say "baby", so I'd baby talk this worm (it plays music & lights up) and he LOVES it. Now if it is in the room, he will bring it to me, throw it down on my lap (not really understanding "gentle" yet) and looks at my face, just waiting for me to start the baby talking. It's so cute. His face lights up EVERY TIME! I'm not sure why he likes it so much - maybe because I don't baby talk to him, so he's not used to that tone of my voice.

He's also showing us that he DOES understand most EVERYTHING we say. I can say, go get me that ball, pointing to the ball, and he will go get it. Of course this turns into a game of "toddler fetch" but he giggles as he runs back and forth after the ball. I can say, do you want to go outside? And he brings me his shoes & starts waving.

He's getting REALLY good at throwing balls now and has even figured out how to pick up his chubby little leg & kick it!

And trucks... this kid LOVES trucks. If that's all he had to play with, it would be fine with him. And it amazes me how instinctive it is for a little boy to know how to play with a truck?!?! To see him, you'd think he was 4. He sits Indian style, running that truck back and forth, making all of the proper truck sounds. How does he know how to play trucks?

I think that he's going through stage... the "nobody-can-make-me-happy-except-mommy" stage. Or maybe even the "if-I-hang-on-her-pants-she-will-pick-me-up" stage? They're both pretty fitting. I just hope that his clingyness lessens as he gets older. I had planned on taking him to the YMCA nursery through the week so I could work out, but seeing that he won't even go into the church nursery without mommy, it would probably be a disaster. So instead, we've been enjoying long walks in the park, every day... so fun for him and exercise for me!

If you made it this far, no cookie but I will reward you with some pics ;)

We took him to the Mall on Sunday & let him walk around... he thought he was REALLY BIG walking this far away from mommy, sitting on the bench! He kept looking up at daddy for a boost of confidence!

Playing in the 1 cabinet that I don't have a baby lock on - it's "his" cabinet, full of Tupperware & plastic bowls and lids. I can not tell you how many times a day I pick up my bowls... or I go to put his toys away at night and I'm finding bowls & lids in the strangest places!

I thought this was pretty cute!

He was feeling good after dinner!

Is this a funny face or what?!?! Talk about cheesing!

That's it for now... there are a few more new pics on the photobucket, so you can take a look there too!

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