Friday, September 12, 2008

The smartest baby ever!

I'm sure that every parent in the world thinks that their baby is the smartest baby ever... right?!?! Well, I am COMPLETELY SURE that Cade is MOST DEFINITELY on the top of that list! :) We have been signing to him, to get him used to signs for basic necessities... like eat & milk... but is it possible that he is already able to sign himself?

I went to the gym today and after I left, Cade TOLD Derek that he was hungry! He made the sign! Okay, so I didn't see it myself, but I do know that Cade can make his lips smack when he's hungry & wants food... I ask him if he wants to eat (while doing the ASL sign) and smack my lips... he smacks his lips back and gets all bouncy & excited. I guess it's kind of a sign that we made up. So when I got home today, Derek said that he was doing the actual sign, not just smacking his lips. And evidently he WAS hungry because he gobbled his dinner up!

I am just excited that he is catching on... I often wonder what he's thinking about and just imagine his little sponge of a brain absorbing everything he sees & hears.

He has just recently decided that Brodie (our house cat) is the funniest thing he's ever seen! He will sit and watch that cat for ever! And laughs! The strangest thing about it is that Brodie doesn't seem to mind Cade too much either. Brodie is VERY funny about people. I am just about the only person that can hold him... he will let Derek pet him but that's about it. I was worried in the beginning but so far he's been really gentle with Cade... almost acts like a guard cat. He doesn't leave his side for most of the day, and when Cade cries, Brodie comes running to me, like I don't hear him. LOL

It's almost 11:30... I'd better get into bed. I think there's this unwritten rule, that the later mommy stays up, the earlier baby wakes up! Never fails, I stay up late to watch a movie & Cade will get up 3 hours early. Very strange.

I'll sign off with this picture... and yes, I know I cut off my head... YOU try taking a picture of yourself with a squirmy 6 month old baby boy! :)

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Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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The later mommy stays up, the earlier baby wakes up is embedded in their DNA! LOL
Of course Cade is smart. You both are doing so great with him.