Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Look What I Can Do!!!

I can sit up! All by myself!

I am so excited that Cade is starting to sit unassisted! Seems like he has started doing everything at once. He just started standing the weekend before last, and tonight, he has been sitting unassisted for several minutes at a time! What's next week going to be? Crawling? Walking? Peeing in the toilet? (okay, just kidding on the walking part & potty trained part)

Of course he gets tired of holding his little wobbly body up and ends up like this:

But he's always happy! (not counting the time I let him go face first into the carpet... I don't think he enjoyed that)

My happy baby stayed up past his bedtime tonight to practice his sitting skills. He is proud of himself.

After some happy tummy time, he was worn out & ready for bed!

And p.s.: There are 20 new pics in my photobucket... go take a look!


Marie said...

Yay for Cade!! Congratulations big boy!! Christa he is so cute!! I bet you're one proud momma right now! Miss you lots!!!

Bonnie said...

You've been tagged! Read my blog!

Cute pics I just love the quilt girl!

TheHamptons said...

Seriously Christa, he is growing up so fast! I remember like it was yesterday that you got your BFP. Amazing isn't it?