Sunday, November 2, 2008

The floor is open for suggestions...

What do you do with a 7 month old baby who HATES riding in the car & gets car sick almost every time he has to be traveling for longer than 30 minutes???

This is a new "thing" and something that I never expected, thought of, even knew existed. A baby that hates riding in the car. I seriously think/wonder/believe (yeah, I'm confused too) that I can blame it all on the teething. He's only been getting sick & screaming bloody murder for the past few weeks... he has been teething like CRAZY for the past few weeks. I know his tummy is upset so maybe the long car rides are making him sicker? Derek suggested that maybe an altitude change is making his ears hurt worse? (seems that he cries worse when we're on our way back home -- going uphill -- my ears pop every time so I'm sure his do too) And I think he's a little scared of the dark too... it's a million times worse if we travel when it's dark out.

So the floor is open to suggestions. I'm considering a DVD player for the back seat. It might at least distract him from his upset tummy or the pain in his ears, or fear of the dark. Maybe. I will try anything at this point... because if we don't find a solution, we won't be traveling far anymore!

Oh yeah, and before you ask... still no teeth.


Colleen said...

I know a pacifier might help with the altitude, but I know Cade doesn't really like them. Is there anything else babies can suck on? Maybe offer him some juice when going uphill from a bottle? Just throwing some ideas out there for you.

Heather VanHoose said...

Brooke hates riding in the car at night too! I almost always have to sit in the back with her so she'll stop the day she is fine...oh, and the whole "fall behind" i feel your pain :) what once was lovely waking up at 9:00am is now a dreaded 8:00am...still not as bad as 5:00am though :(