Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fa la la la la... Cade Updates!

I was just informed that there are only 2 weekends before Christmas! Wow.

Updates... our tree is up & Cade LOVES it. He has learned how to bounce/jump in his exercauser (videos coming soon!) Still no crawling but he has attempted a few times to get up on all fours. He only makes it about half way but at least he's trying. He is doing better with actual solid table foods. He has been eating cookies & yesterday he ate half of a cereal bar (like the Nutrigrain bars, only for babies) I was actually a little shocked that he didn't even gag on it. He'll be eating steak & potatoes before we know it!

Now for the good stuff, pictures.
Here he is singing Christmas Carols :)

Teething is so miserable!

Playing "Kiss the baby"... kissing his reflection... awww :)

That tongue will get him into trouble one day, I just know it! He's always sticking it out at me!

And my favorite! Cade's 1st Christmas ;)

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Marie said...

God he's so stinkin cute!! I love him to pieces!!