Monday, June 15, 2009

Cade's 15 Month Checkup

We took Cade for his 15 month checkup today (mom went with us) and Oh. My. Gosh... it just gets worse & worse as they get older!

The checkup part went well... she was happy with everything... Cade is growing... 26.8 pounds and 32 inches (he's grown an inch in 3 months!)... in the 75th percentile for his height & weight and 90th percentile for his head, LOL (big brain, I'm sure)... she was happy with his eating & no bottle & use of cups. She wasn't too concerned that he's not saying much after I told her that he was jabbering and talking in his own language and making "sounds" that seem to sound like words, like kitty and Mickey Mouse... and that he is very social, makes eye contact, and understands everything we tell him. Sooo, probably just a slow talker or lazy.

The shots... argh... HORRIBLE! As soon as I put him on the table, he started crying... real tears! Sobbing! He was a mess by the time they gave him his 3 shots. I honestly don't think I've ever seen him cry so hard. He almost lost his breath at one point. It was really sad. I think it traumatized my mom too (sorry to put you through that mom!)

Soo, that's it. I brought him home and he wouldn't even eat the ice cream I bought him at the store today. He just wanted to go to sleep.

I'm already dreading 18 month shots.


Julia said...

Shots are the worst. Natasha handled them even worse than Veronika does, she freaked out the moment the doc walked into the room and threw the biggest fit ever. It was like that with her starting at the 4mos check. I hope Cade is better today.

Anonymous said...

I say that I won't push for another grandbaby after that terrible experience. It's tough being a child and it gets tougher growing up too. I'm selfish in wanting another grandbaby! It'll be hard not to push for another one...but that was an awful thing for mom and child to go through. I just don't remember so many shots 29 years ago. I think they are giving shots for the shots now.
Sad GrandMomma

Heather said...

only one at 18 months if that makes you feel better. brooke got a pouty lip but didn't cry at all