Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Super Baby...

Cade had his 9 Month Well Baby Exam today (yeah, even though he's 10 months, LOL, just a little late). Everything went great! We saw a new doctor today and Cade did great with him, smiled & talked & showed off a lot.

He is 20 pounds 5 ounces and 30 inches long!

The BEST part about today... NO SHOTS!!! :)

Still having trouble with his eczema but we're trying some new things & hoping to get it cleared up.

We talked about separation anxiety & stranger anxiety at this age... separation anxiety, I can already see in him. Stranger anxiety... so far he's never met a stranger!

We talked about making the switch from formula to milk at 1. Turning his carseat around at 1. ONE? Seems like he was just born yesterday!

Here are a few pictures from today... Cade in his Superman PJs. Derek had a pair of PJs like this when he was a kiddo :) It even has a little cape in the back.





Heather said...

what are they suggesting for the eczema? broooke has a spot here and there...we do no dye/frangrance laundry det., hypoallergenic soap for her...and a long water bath but once we use soap we wrap it up quickly, and hydrocortizone...(i am sure that is now how it is spelled lol) cream on the spots

Bonnie said...

He is too cute girl! Glad he had a good appt!