Friday, August 21, 2009

Operation: Stop Eating Crib!!!

We've had a few problems with Cade chewing on his crib over the past few months, around the top rail... normal teething toddler stuff... but earlier this week, I noticed that it had gone from bad to worse. He's starting to chew the vertical crib slats. And it's not just bite marks. It's big chunks missing... splinters... the works. The pictures don't do it justice... I will say that I think he has ruined this crib. No way I'd let another newborn sleep in it.

So here's just SOME of the damage:


I had to keep him from getting splinters in his mouth & eating more wood... since I'm pretty sure he is eating it... so my temporary fix:


Yes, that is silver duct tape.

It's just temporary... the duct tape seems to be more appealing for him to chew on, so we ordered this and hopefully it will come SOON:

It reminds me of the mesh around his playpen, and if that's the case, he shouldn't be able to sink his teeth into it. Finger's crossed!!!


Anonymous said...

Cade was chewing on the leg of the piano this weekend! He stopped when I told him not too.

His teeth must hurt him so bad.

Julia said...

I hope that new mesh thing works for you guys. Silly boy.